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Custom Orders and Contact Info

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How It Works

Airbrushing is different from screen printing, vinyl transfers, and DTG printing, in that the artwork is all done by hand, individually - not made once and printed over and over.

Pro's to this include awesome custom-tailored artwork with fresh style and easy customization between items. Adding personalized names to the back, or front "pocket" area of each shirt, or switching up colors between items is easy, and can be done at no extra cost.

A unfortunate Con, however, is that detailed images, logos, or graphics may be difficult or time consuming to paint, and could significantly add to cost. We do have some tricks up our sleeve - we can create stencils, use heat transfer vinyl or photo transfer prints, or even have a batch of shirts screen printed with your graphics, to airbrush on top of, to make things easier for all of us.

Our Items

We offer many different colors of T shirts, Hoodies, Baby Onesies, Fitted Women's Shirts, Tank Tops for men and women, and Sweatpants. Not all of these options are available in our design templates, but custom orders are always welcome. Just let us know what you need, we're happy to help!

We also offer: Tote bags, keychains, headbands, canvas paintings, lanyards, license plates, bike plates, and many miscellaneous items that accept our paint.

Send-In Service

You're always welcome to send in your own items to be painted, such as shoes, denim jackets, jeans, game controllers, helmets, etc. Pricing for custom items is done on a case by case basis, just let us know what you're looking for!

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