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About Us

AirbrushCustoms is a family-owned and operated online airbrush T shirt shop, serving customers around the world since 2011.
We provide a similar service to screen printing, or digital printing, in that we decorate shirts, hats, hoodies, shoes and more with custom artwork. The difference is that our work is all painted by hand, personalized just for you! All of our example designs are completely customizable and paintable on a wide variety of items and colors. We give group discounts for multiple items, and are always willing to work with you to create an awesome design. To see some of our recent work, check out our gallery on Instagram

We at AirbrushCustoms are a team of artists and creative thinkers. Our passion is to create and design artwork that motivates and inspires people. We want our shirts to bring teams together, to bring back the memories from that great family trip, to solidify friendships, and to make that special day just a little more special. We're committed to making a positive impact on the eyes we reach, that's why we turn away orders that are obscene or negative, and often give discounts to those with a good cause. We understand that God can work with even the little things to bring love to the world.

Dale Jackowski

"When we started AirbrushCustoms, it wasn't about doing big orders of shirts, or trying to get our name out there.. It was about painting. We wanted to build an environment where we could be creative, collaborate, do what we loved, and try to pay the bills while we were at it.
We started out in a local (very slow) mall, that worked with us and let us spend several months there before paying any rent at all. While literally living at the shop, I started teaching myself to build websites, and soon after launched the first version of It was sloppy.. but it worked, and soon began bringing in more orders than the mall shop was.
We have and will continue to improve our web experience. We want to make airbrushing less "old school" and show onlookers that it is certainly a respectable and unique form of artwork that is still very much alive."

A few customer photos..

Airbrush T Shirts Designs Graffiti
Airbrush T Shirts Designs Breast Cancer Ribbon
Airbrush T Shirts Designs Dance Hip Hop
Airbrush T Shirts Designs Dance Hip Hop Graffiti
Airbrush T Shirts Designs Mickey Mouse Disney
Airbrush T Shirts Designs Graffiti
Airbrush T Shirts Designs Dance Hip Hop
Airbrush T Shirts Designs Mario Dance Graffiti Hip Hop
Airbrush T Shirts Designs Christmas Gift Kids
Airbrush T Shirts Designs Beach Vacation Bikini
Airbrush T Shirts Designs Car Portrait Illustration
Airbrush T Shirts Designs Steampunk Cyberpunk Mask UV Blacklight LED